Samyoung Unitech Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992 on the basis of the machinery industry that supplies industrial machinery and automation equipment, and has since entered the nuclear industry.

We provide total solutions for radioisotopes such as radiopharmaceuticals, cyclotrons, and hot cells. In particular, by acquiring GMP certification for the first time in the domestic radiopharmaceuticals industry, we have secured global competitiveness in the field of radiopharmaceuticals, and by adding our existing technology and know-how, we are developing into a global company by promoting partnerships and cooperative projects with overseas pharmaceuticals companies.

In addition, we will build a bio-specialized platform, We are striving to expand our business to the bio field such as biopharmaceuticals.


04Established research institute (Sylus Co., Ltd.)

03Established a food factory (Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do, in the food cluster)

01Re-acquired KGMP (Korea Good Manufacturing Practice) certification


09JGMP(Japan Good Manufacturing Practice) certification

06Signed an MOU with Dalat University in Vietnam


03KGMP(Korea Good Manufacturing Practice) certification


12Million Dollar Export Tower Award (Korea International Trade Association)

11Daejeon GMP factory extension (radiopharmaceutical manufacturing facility)


12Concluded an OEM production contract for Iodine-131 with FUJIFILM in Japan


04Acquired a radiopharmaceuticals manufacturing business license and product license


05Merged with Korea Nuclear Technology Co., Ltd.


11Changed the company name to Samyoung Unitech Co., Ltd.

07Established new research center annex


07Established Samyoung General Machinery Corporation